PWR Electronics Limited  功率電氣有限公司
  • 2010年 經濟日報自動化工業大展:
  • Taichung Automation Industry Exhibition 2010.

  • 展覽期間:3月26日 到 3月30日
  • 展覽地點:台中水湳經貿園區 (原水湳機場)
  • 交通資訊:

  • 展覽場區檢測儀器設備區
  • 參展攤位A1315
  • 公司名稱:功率電氣有限公司
Panel Meter, Transmitter, Transducer
Digital Counter, rpm Tacho Meter
TELCO Sensor
  • PWR Electronics Limited is a professional manufacturer & supplier for various kinds of the
    Auto-Control components such as: Rotary-Encoder, CNC Handy-wheel, Generator, Digital
    Panel Meter & Indicator,Digital-Counter Transmitter Series, Human Machine Interface, as
    well as RS-485 including other related products. We have extensive business network and
    market dominance for decades.

  • Please contact Customer Service Department. Our qualified sales people are trained to offer
    technical assistance as well as aid you in placing an order. Please contact us to get more
    information about our products. THANK YOU.

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