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PWR Electronics Limited is a professional manufacturer & supplier for various kinds of the Auto-Control components such as: Rotary-Encoder, CNC Handy-wheel, Generator, Digital Panel Meter & Indicator,Digital-Counter Transmitter Series, Human Machine Interface, as well as RS-485 including other related products. We have extensive business network and market dominance for decades.

The close relationship we consistently maintain with our sincere customers and reliable suppliers continue to ensure business success. With the recent business process re-engineering, quality upgrade and product expansion, we continue to guarantee excellent products plus professional and technical support. Thanks while we look forward to a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Please contact Customer Service Department. Our qualified sales people are trained to offer technical assistance as well as aid you in placing an order.Please contact us to get more information about our products. THANK YOU.

  TEL: +886-4-2437-0123 Voice Service 08:30am-17:30pm; Monday-Friday
  FAX: +886-4-2437-3902 International Sales 24 hr FAX
  Domestic Toll Free FAX: 0800-023636
  Domestic Toll Free FAX: 0800-423636
  Branch Offices: TEL:(06)2027700 and TEL:(02)2252-3600
  Head Office: #11,Lane 13,YI-SHIN 1st Street,Taichung 40641 Taiwan.

  E-mail:  or   or
 Please visit our website at:   and

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Taichung Automation Industry Exhibition 2010.
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