SCAN Counter

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SCAN Counter & Tacho

SCM Series of Digital Counters
SCM Series of Digital Counters

  • SCM-41M: 4 Digital/1 Preset Counter, SCM-31M, SCM-51M, SCM-61M
  • The Instructions for SCM series with PDF files:
     SCM_Major Features
      SCM_Terminals Wiring Diagram_Coonections
      SCM_The operations for ܢ switch

    SCB Series: 2 Preset/Total Counter

  • SCB-42AM ,52AM,-62AM,43AM
  • SCB-52AM ,-43AM,-52AM,-62AM
  • SCB-46M,SCB-35M,-56M
  • The conections-1:SCB connection_1
  • The conections-1:SCB connection_2
  • The Instructions for SCB series with PDF files:
     SCB_Major Features
      SCB_Terminals Wiring Diagram_Connections
      SCB_The operations for ܢ switch

  • SRN-5DM: Tacho Meter

        SCAN Proximity Switch

  • Q16_Q18_Q25: Square Proximity Swith
  • FQP2-1604N-A3: Square 4mm Proximity SW
  • FQP2-1804N-A3: Square 4mm Proximity SW
  • FQP1-2510N-A3: Square 10mm Proximity SW

  • FCM Series:
  • 8X,12X Industive Proximity SW
  • 18X,30X Inductive Proximity SW

  • 5 WAY otary Proximity SW
  • Capacitive Proximity SW
  • Long Distance Sensing : Proximity SW

    SCAN Photo Sensor
  • VL-R500N: VL-N150N-SX94U2 18X Photo-Sensor