TELCO Sensor

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  • Telco' s wide range of sensors are foundationally used for detecting, positioning, sorting, measuring and counting. Telco sensors provide solutions in the following industry groups:

    P Agriculture
    P Access Control
    P Automatic Industrial Doors
    P Carwash
    P Elevators
    P Escalators & Moving Walks
    P Factory Automation & Control
    P Forestry & Wood
    P Food Processing
    P Material Handling
    P Material Processing
    P Packaging

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  • The Catalogs:

    The SpaceGuard Series (For Elevators ):
  • DATA of SMT3000 / SMR3106
  • SM3000 Sensors for Elevator
  • SG-01 Introduction of Light-Curtains
  • SGT / SRG General Catalogs

    The SpaceMaster Photoelectric Series:
  • SM tC²Introduction
  • LT / LR Remote Series
  • SM 6000
  • SM 7000
  • SM 8000 18M,500mm Photo-Sensor
  • SM-4000 Photo sensor
    SMT-(Transmitter), SMR-(receiver)

    The Photoelectric Amplifier series

  • PA01
  • PA10
  • PA11

  • SMT/SMR4000 Explosion proof Ex-Sensor Sensing Distance:0-6M,PNP

  • The Tag Level Switch
  • Inductive/Capacitive Proximity Switch